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Ritter 354 Minor Surgery Spotlight

Ritter 354 Minor Surgery Spotlight

Ritter 354 Minor Surgery Spotlight

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The Ritter 354 Minor Surgery Spotlight has everything healthcare professionals need…but without the heat. It’s an ideal task light for all verterinary environments where illumination is required for external examinations and procedures. And with its pure, crisp and defined light pattern, it can be adjusted to suit individual needs.

Color temperature of 4,200K to provide a whiter light and a true representation of tissue color.

Includes an easy to adjust dimmer lever that controls the amount of light, and another lever, which adjusts the spot size from 3" to 10".

Built-in fan on the back of the light head pulls airflow through the light to keep cool.

Fully autoclavable handle

Illumination at 24" focal length: 10,000 fc (107,600 lux)
Illumination at 36" focal length: 4000 fc (43,000 lux)
Maximum pattern diameter at 36" focal length: 10"
Minimum pattern diameter at 36" focal length: 3"
Color temperature: 4,200K
Diameter of lighthead: 5"
Bulb: One 21 VAC, 150-watt halogen lamp
Lighthead pivot: 180º
Vertical axis pivot: 570º

120 VAC, 60 Hz, 1.5 AMPS
UL 2601-1
CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 601.1

Ritter Models
354-028 Single mount, 9’ ceiling
354-034 Dual mount, 9’ ceiling
354-025 Single mount, 8’ ceiling
354-031 Dual mount, 8’ ceiling
354-022 Mobile light
354-040 Combination 354/355, 9’ ceiling
354-037 Combination 354/355, 8’ ceiling

The following systems are recommended based on the following ceiling heights (measured from the bottom of the ceiling surface to the floor):

Less than 8’           Mobile Light
8’ to 9’                    8’ Single or Dual Light
9’ to 10’                  9’ Single or Dual Light
Greater than 10’    Mobile Light or 10' Ceiling Mount Adapter Kit

To convert an existing single light system to a dual system, the following kit must be ordered in addition to a second 8’ or 9’ system.
9A280001 Conversion kit w/cover


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